Learning With The Ladygeek

10-Week Homeschool Workshops

Hire The Ladygeek to come to your homeschool group weekly to teach Digital Media courses to your students.
Included with these classes:
24/7 access to all grades, assignments, slideshows, resources, commentary
Mandatory Relevant Homework
Mid-course progress report
Certificate of Completion with “Content Learned,” appropriate for all NY State Documentation.

Introduction to Digital Media

In this project-based, fast-paced class, students will explore introductory Advertising Design, Digital Drawing, Animation, Photography, Video Editing and Website Design. Students will create a poster, a logo, animation, photography and a video and will then publish all their projects on a website designed by them. 
Recommended Grades: 9-12 (For grades 6-8, 15 weeks recommended)
Art or Elective:1/4 Credit

Beginner Photography and Editing

Students will begin learning basic photography concepts like Rule of Thirds, Framing and Camera Angles. Using free software that is EXTREMELY similar to Photoshop, students will learn how to edit photos: landscape, food, flowers, blemish correction, body alteration and more.
Recommended Grades: 9-12
Art or Elective: 1/4  Credit

2-Hour Workshops

Designed for school-age students AND/OR adults!
Invite The Ladygeek into your home for these 2-hour fun Digital Media Projects.
Come to my space in the Village of Naples, NY.

My Haunted House Photo

Turn a photo of your house into a haunted house, complete with full moon, bats, branches, fog and more! 

Dreamboard Design

Design a Dreamboard Poster with beautiful colors, images, fonts and style that symbolize your goals and dreams. Perfect for a place of prominence in your home or bedroom.

Digital Drawing

Turn your favorite sketched character (or logo idea) into a legitimate computerized drawing which can be reproduced for multiple purposes on various mediums.


Coffee & Computers for Entrepreneurs

Designed for small businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs!
Invite The Ladygeek into your home for these 2-hour informative Digital Media Classes for Small Businesses.
Come to my space in the Village of Naples, NY.

Logo Design, Best Practices, and Inspiration:

Designed for the entrepreneur who does not yet have a logo idea and doesn't know where to begin. In this workshop, entrepreneurs will: Learn Industry Standards for logo design and then view several hundred successful logo designs as well as poor logo designs. Students will then be equipped with several resources for logo inspiration as well as resources for creating a logo without learning digital drawing.

Print Design for Small Business:

In this workshop, entrepreneurs will: Use free software to create professional-looking print ads, flyers, posters, banners and business cards.

Social Media Presence & Practices:

In this workshop, entrepreneurs will decide which social media platforms (mostly Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) are best for their customer demographic. Once decided, students will be guided through best practices, set up, posting basics.

Digital Drawing and Logo Drawing:

Designed for the entrepreneur who already has a firm logo design in mind and/or sketched. In this workshop, entrepreneurs will: Learn how to digitally draw and how to turn their logo idea into a clean digitally drawn logo. Students will leave with several versions of their logo in several formats for any situation.

Social Media Video Ad for Small Business:

Learn best practices and how to create a Social Media Video Ad for your Small Business. Suggested materials: Laptop, external mouse, . png or . svg of their logo with transparent background.

Social Media Marketing:

This class is designed for those who already have Social Media accounts but don't know how to use these accounts to garner sales. How to advertise to multiple platforms simultaneously. How to gain real followers and therefore more eyes on your ads. How to advertise for free and how to advertise for a small budget.

Thinking of something else? Contact me and I’ll design a course specifically for your group!

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Permanently Certified by New York State Department of Education to teach:
English Language Arts (ELA) 7-12
Career and Technical Education (CTE) Commercial Art 7-12
21 Years Teaching Experience

Seriously well done, one of the most fun experiences I've had. I was able to be creative and expressive without any pressure of doing something specific. It was challenging at a few times, but I learned so much! Want to do this work in my future.
8th Grade - Intro to DMAC Workshop
The class was very informative and interesting. I had a lot of fun learning not only what was included in the class but also some tips and tricks for how to use a computer better. I really enjoyed this class, and would highly recommend to others.
8th Grade - Intro to DMAC Workshop