Shari Sloane hat summer headshotI am a self-taught computer software enthusiast. I began teaching myself software back in 1995 when I had the displeasure of working at a boring job. As an act of desperately attempting to revive my brain cells, when I saw a Lotus 123 book in the bottom desk drawer, I began teaching myself basic spreadsheet language.

The rest is history. After YEARS of constant self-edification, I launched The Ladygeek in 2015 while also juggling a full-time teaching position and a family. I eventually melded my two passions and in 2012 became an Education Technology Integration Specialist; I even had my own video podcast: The Ladygeeks. We introduced other educators to technology integration techniques in a fun yet knowledgable atmosphere.

As the youngest child of small-business-owning parents, I know all too well that the budget (or lack thereof) for small business marketing is scant. This lacking budget requires innovative ideas to maximize exposure using minimal funds. As an adult, I now almost exclusively patronize small businesses; after walking through HUNDREDS of establishments, I believe I have an eye for what works and what does not. My small business consultations have resulted in: website redesign, logo modernization, truncating restaurant menus, adding fresh paint, refining beer menus, marketing promotions, interior decorating, label modernization and more.

My mission: to offer quality, affordable computer work to local small businesses at a fraction of the going rate. And in many cases to offer unique payment options, including barter agreements. If you’re a small business, you have met your IT specialist who truly cares about your success!